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I first honed my skills in interior design sillls before making my mark in the world of earrings. With a keen eye for color, texture, and contrast, I infuse each piece with a unique touch of artistry. The inspiration behind my business? My daughter's love for earrings!

At Designed for Life, our motto is simple: we don't just sell earrings, we give women, moms, and daughters confidence in themselves!

When I'm not crafting gorgeous earrings, you can find me soaking up quality time with my loved ones! Here's a little peek into my world: I'm a double-major graduate from Texas A&M University. I graduated with honors in Interior Design and Space Planning from the Art Institute.

My secret weapon: earrings - they're my happy place! As someone who manages multiple autoimmune issues , some days can be tough, but nothing beats the joy of seeing people wearing something I created.